Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some numbers...

So statistic discovered by me.... no offence please

97.8% of time if a guy look in the eyes of some girls and if they found at least twice girt looking back they think that she is interested.. And they will discuss it 80% of time instantly with person sitting with them, 20% after coming out of restaurant. 1.2 % time they don’t notice.

73% of time a guy will forget any attractive girl seen in market in next 3 hours

In 2% of cases they will remember till next year.

72% of time you will find even below average looking girl in foreign county more attractive…

89% of time if you find some girl smiling during conversation she must playing around with you and you don’t deserve any value in her eyes or rest of 11% you must be funny…. Which is not true…

73% of people sitting while drinking 81% of time think of a girl at least 3-4 times during a drinking session.

97% of people don’t like beer when they taste it first time. And they are still drinking it today

70% of men will cry while watching a romantic movie..tears may not come out..

60% of time if you see checking baggage tag in person who has is not coming from airport must have travelled less than 3 time in last 6 yrs.

66% you fart but don’t accept the fact even some one talks( 18% of time unless you sitting with chadhi yaar) about it.

81% of time you will promise to your self not to drink again after a bad hangover next day..

74% of time you wish talking or lift to stop if you find a attractive girl in lift unless you are getting late for office.

87% of people will exercise more or run faster than usual if they found a girl running in side trade mill in gym.

96% of guys will find a girl more attractive and appreciate it if they find a unknown girl smoking or drinking.

84% of girl who is smoking , is more than usual attractive and beautiful…

93% girl will fall in love with a guy only when they know he is rich.. 7% time guys were able to pretend themselves rich..
77% people dont know abt HR in any organzation. all rule is set by their own boss.
98% HR dont know what role they have in any oragnization. other 2% don't know what they are doing.
91% people will feel same nervousness while buying condom as they feel at their first job interview.

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