Monday, October 12, 2009

Beggar at Roadside

Waiting in the car at a signal to turn green
I turned head at a knock on my window screen

A beggar was knocking at window standing roadside
I pretended to search few coins in car inside

Casually I tried to look at beggar face
Glimpse on his face revealed a surprising case

His face was covered with million lines
Seems as his destiny is lost and resigned

I could sense there ages old beauty
He was looking only few coin as courtesy

His eyes had mysterious touch of blue
How he has lived his life without any clue

His body was shivering and legs trembling
Like he was passing a million years aging

Not sure if he would see next day
Or soon death will snatch his life away

My mind was racing for some understanding
How as human we lost grip on such things

Did he ever cared what he want
Or only he knew what he had got

Youth seems meaningless to him
Deprived of everything, was it his sin

I was sitting comfortably under car roof
He has spent life on a coin, just as proof

© Rakesh kumar, Oct 2009

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