Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Saturday....

I got up this Saturday morning to go gym, only to find some one has scratch my car body with some sharp metallic object.. on bonut and driver door . His act of hate will cost me 7-8 thousand bucks and the person who had done it, what had he got.. i don't know.. may be satisfaction of destroying something. one more layer of hate in his life to destroy something bigger.

Yesterday i was watching this movie The Mist and where one dialog i came across.
"Why do you think We have invented politics and religion" Why?????

Is there any answer why we have invented these things and why do wee need them.. try putting few people in a room and see what happens to them...

Your are completely filled with it.
But you will never call it quit...

Hate against life and hate against humanity
you have created stories to make yourself agree..

Hate against parent and hate against teacher
You are no different from a mean creature..

Hate against your job and hate against your boss
Don't you see your life in a complete chaos

Hate against god and hate against death
You are surviving on a poisonness breath

Hate against me and hate against my car
you are just slave sold in this bazaar

When will you realize you are in gutter
Keep on living false life of an actor

You have battered your heart but not feel pain
Life goes on and you don't know how to refrain

copyrights Rakesh Kumar oct 2009

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