Monday, November 16, 2009

Hungry Children...

This poem I wrote after I saw a news documentary on children in Bihar dying with hunger because of last year flood, They have lost their home, parent, family and now living as orphan in rehabilitation camps expose to risk of child trafficking.. Shame on us as civilized society.

Why did they were given birth
When we don't have their any worth..

Is this what they deserve
Their destiny has only twisted curve

What have they done as small child
They don't have even food to survive

Why can't we satisfy their hunger
Is their birth in the world a blunder

Don't we have food for those kids
Are they as slave put only for bids

Why life is so unfortunate and cruel for them
Once they were too someone eye's gem

Hunger will drive them into devils hand
Force them to do things legally banned

Who is answerable for their fate
When we cant make their life straight

Children are dying for food and hunger
Shame on society and shame on us

And we living in so called civilized society
Doing nothing standing as silent witness...

copyright Rakesh kumar Nov 2009

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