Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just another day...

Today was my birthday(Happy B'day to me) and it felt it like just another day. Just normal routine nothing else..

One day and I passed one more year in life
I feel lived enough but still without wife

Many Days, Month, Years passed in life
I don't know how I have survived

Many road I travelled were narrow alone
I walked joyfully and reached many milestone

Sometime thing were good, bad and ugly
One thing never changed that I was lonely

Sometime I was weak and sometime I was strong
I was wondering if this was the place where I belong

Sometime I lossed and sometime I won
So many beautiful occasion I thought were gone

Sometime I laughed and some time I cried
But I stood on my feet and decided to fight

Trying to reach on destination unknown
I looked back and found myself alone

Sometime I was crushed and pushed to corner
But I never stopped looking for answer

Many lesson learnt from my toughest journey
Always I faced things in life bravely

copyright Rakesh Kumar nov 2009

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