Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Two years gone by...

This poem I wrote as I am completing two year in my current job on thursday. This is refelction of things I am dealing with..

One more day and I am completing two years
Thinking about so many things still not clear

How two years passed I didn’t realize
A number of occasions I have been apprised

Many people came and left me in life hazes
They are gone forever but I remember their faces

Standing at a distance I saw them walking away without sound
People, places and project have changed when I look around

Few not kept promises and I am yet to reach my goal
They are keep coming back and burning me like coal

Not everything here looks gloom and dark
A number of occasions have been with spark

Few questions have started coming in mind
When should I stop and look at horizon or sky

Should I continue or now is the time to go
Number of things I gained results to zero

I have great fun and excitements here
Spread my wings and excelled without fear

The moment and people touched me were amazing
However progress has stopped and I caught with ageing

copyright Rakesh Kumar, Nov 2009

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