Monday, March 29, 2010

A promising day in my life...

How A promising day of my life turned into (yet to figure out)....
  •  Before you take your seat you get bonus letter but you don’t have reason to smile.
  • You go into meeting only to find yourself in unfamiliar ground.
  • You schedule a meeting but you are not available.
  • You do some changes in code to run some process only to find you have to change value in debug mode for 200 times and you can’t abort the process.
  • You join a conf but you are the only person in call.
  • You fixes some issue only to find some new problem reported back that has nothing to do with you or your changes.
  • You think you have finished day’s task at 8pm only to find new item assigned.
  • You buy some food stuff for dinner only to realize you don’t want to eat them after opening the door.
  • You go home thinking you can login and work from home in night only to find your broadband disconnected.
  • You come back office in Shot and bathroom slipper and pray no one should see in that dress.
  • You thought of finishing things quickly but you wait for some clarification without any reply.
  • You find it difficult to explain your friend about many emotions you went through whole day and he finds you in office.
  • Your perspective GF is seeking your attention but you are involve in debugging.
  • Your best friend calls you for some help but he only expresses sympathy for you.
  • You good friend reminds you that you could not call her and you don’t have time to seek apology.
  • Your ask someone for helps for 2 minute and he replies that he would only help next week.
  • You thought of going back at apartment but other person pings you to finish something before you hit shutdown button.
  • You stay and finish your work but wcf services is not running properly on QA box and all the people are in meeting so you can’t test it. you have to wait.
  • You set your yahoo messenger status ‘A worst day in life’. And only 2 people ask abt it and you don’t explain them.
  • You try to seek help by contacting 4 people on IM, 3 people on mail, and 4 people on phone and you don’t get reply or resolution.
  • At 1 AM while you were feeling sleepy and hungry both same time and everything else looks fine, you get mail from one of your manager about importance of not sitting idle.
  • You write this @1:30 AM even though you are not sure you are going to share it with someone.
Well, life is fun when you let unexpected to happen.
(All the event have no resemblance to any incident or living being in past, present or future, and this should be taken in lighter sense)

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