Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to Andaman Island

After much planning, discussion and effort and first time in 10 years of my professional career, I and my friend Venketesh Joshi decided to visit Andaman We had zeroed on 2 places Lakshdeep and Andaman but finally were able zeroed on Andaman due to cost of ticket so we booked the ticket initially for 3 days but after couple of days we realised that its would not be sufficient. So we extended the trip for 2 more days and re booked our returning ticket once again.
We took early morning flight from Jet airways to Chennai and from their 9:30 flight to Port Blair. Two and half hour journey to Port Blair we spent peacefully mostly while sleeping however only first view of Andaman Island was breath taking. It was drizzling while we landed. We already had our travel packages booked and cab was waiting outside Port Blair airport. 

In couple of conversation with driver we had knew that people understand Hindi well there. We landed in our room and after a nice warm lunch our trip started. We went to visit sea museum, on the way we pass through Rajeev Gandhi sport complex and drive view was amazing. There was nothing much in the museum beside some marine life and some photos we haded to Corbyn Beach. We had some photo session and had long walk it was evening time and there were not many people on the beach. We came back and moved to cellular jail. after getting ticket inside the light and sound show was cancelled due to rain so we had museum and jail visit only. It was emotional experience knowing freedom fighter struggle and their trauma. We spend couple of hours and came back to hotel. In the evening we went to try some local sea food to lighthouse restaurant had dinner and crashed on the bed.

9th September
The whole day was booked for visiting couple of island. After break fast we headed to Rajeev Gandhi sports complex from there we took the ferry for Ross island. Ross island used to be residence for English governors during their rules. The island is now under Indian navy control and it 3-4 kms from main island around 20-30 minute ferry joinery. We saw old building water pool and deers roaming the island. Now its deserted and its broken houses gives it wild feeling. Next we moved to Viper island there was nothing much. It used for hanging prisoner during British rule. While cellular jail was being constructed some prisoners were kept here. We had lunch on the ferry itself which was included in the package.

On the way we saw many Indian navy ships and docks. Next we went to North Bay island (coral island) we took a glass bottom boat and short trip to corals we could see coral through boat glass bottom. we landed on beach and had snorkeling which was included in the package there was nothing on beach it had broken rocks and coral reefs, was not very exciting however we had fun of going in to the water. We came back it was late in the evening had dinner.
10 the Sept.

In the morning we went coral and one another museum. One was about island natives and other was about sea life corals and its inhabitants. We had lunch at blue island restaurant and went to catch inter island ferry for Havlock island. Indian shipping corporation run ships to Havlock island and its 2:30 hours sea journey. We were very excited about seating on cruise. Ship was bit humid and hot so as it stared we came on the deck had some photo. I spent whole ship journey watching around and passing by island, blue sea water while listening my ipod. As we landed our cab driver was waiting he took us to our our resort in havlock. Basically all the resorts in Havlock as located beside ea beaches and the beaches are named from 1-7. After getting refreshed we went to Radha Krishan beach which was around 16 kms. The car journey was through deep jungles and farms. It was getting dark when we landed there but we were able to see sun set view and it was once in life time experience. The waves on beach were exciting. it was already dark when we came back to our resort. In the evening we met couple of other foreign visitors while sipping beer and food.

11th sept.
We got early morning 4 am to see sun rise. Sun rise early in this part of the world. Although it has same time zone as Indian mainland. I walked few step to beach and sun was already out. The water in the morning at Beach was far away and i could walk around 1 km deep in side sea. though it was close to resprt in the evening.  I could see small fishes stuck in sand craters. We had some photos and had walk on the beach. We came back to hut. We decided go far scuba diving though I was bit scared but my cab driver encouraged us to take it. We went a near by Dive-India centre we tried with diving suit. There was 1 more Israel friend with us. We took the speed jet boat to go to Elephant beach which half hours journey. We stopped boat in the water and walked to sea shore it was all forest around and nothing else besides white sand and fishes.

fter couple of round of testing in shallow water and much effort and persuasion I was ready to go in to deep water with my trainer. I decided to walk in the water as i went deeper into the water the inside view was amazing. Different varieties of fishes swimming around me. I was surrounded by big and small fishes and tortoise. I was into a whole new world and it was amazing experience. I want in to 4-5 meter deep water twice and spend around 15-20 min each time. While coming back we again stopped to a deserted side of beach in shallow water, while other went for diving I played around with dead corals and stones. We came back around 12' o' clock, took bath at hut and came to our resort. It was getting cloudy and i order lunch to siting at beach side place. while my lunch was prepared sea had become amazing beautiful Cloudy blue sky and water deep green.  I had lunch and went hut to take some rest. We had plan to visit Radha Krishan beach but It was raining so we decided to called off that plan and spent time at resort only. In the evening I met couple of my people visitors and i went for a long run till other end of beach with one of fellow tourist and it was dark thrilling experience while returning back In the night invited couple of them to share my beer. We had long discussion about India and Israel about people and places.

12th Sept.
We got up early in the morning and went for walk on beach side sea was far away and i went deep for a walk. we had break fast and went to Radha Krishan beach.
RK beach is very big beach with high waves. We went for a long walk along beach side. It was sunny and bright day I could not wait any longer to jump in the sea. I spent around one hours jumping  and playing with waves and floating around. We came out in the after noon the cab took us island Port where we had our returning ferry waiting. We took the ferry to Port Blair promising to return Havlock island once again. Its nothing less than paradise on the earth. We reached to hotel put our luggage and got relaxed. Went for light and sound show in the cellular jail. It was a bit emotional experience. had dinner and slept.

13th sept.
Next morning we found that we cant go to Mud island as it was closed being that day monday. So we went to Mount Harriet a 20 km hill top journey after going to chttan shaw mill, the oldest Shaw mill in Asia as considered. we went to Wandoor beach located inside Rajeev gandhi national park, 30 kms from Port Blair. To my surprise this beach very clean and green and deserted. It was drizzling though I wanted to go inside deep water. We had a long walk and and photo session at the beach side. We came back in the night we went for dinner at Lighthouse restaurant

14th sept.
We had our returning flight back we went to near by shop for some shopping we did buy some pearl items and went airport, took our flight to Chennai and then Chennai to Bangalore in the evening...

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