Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011...

Wishing you all a very happy new year
I thought a bit about how 2010 had appeared

There were moments of ups and downs
I lost many battle of  crown

I was abandoned and no body cared
Found myself in state of despair

I sighed on how things used to be
So many changes I could not get to agree

Many times I didn't like what I get to see
Complained how life didn't treat me fairly

Things were hopeless without any light
But I got up and decided to fight

Occasionally I found losing senses in my mind
Though I didn't stop even when I was unsatisfied

Looking around I thought many things gone wasted
Pretty girls whose kisses remain untasted

Remember when I desperately tried to chase
Or when I was scared and covered my face

Even though I had smile and laughs
I found myself broken in many halfs

What were my suffering I was  not even sure
Though I went on searching for the cure

Killed those excuses and reason of all
All I had to do was listen inner call

Now this is a year for me to reborn
Transform myself in to a raging storm

(C) Rakesh Kumar Dec 2010.

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