Saturday, January 22, 2011

While I Slept

While I slept
The whole country wept

Television was on and news channel was running on
Showing many important event that were gone

News about many new cases of corruption
Debate on why there was no action

How many farmers committed suicide
Why victims compensation had been denied

Possibilities of drought had deepen
And talk about increase in inflation

Prices of vegetables were touching sky
There were tears in so many eyes

In remote village lovers were killed
On corruption charges ministers were grilled

There were concern on tiger numbers
And how minister had grabbed land acres

Amount of money stored in Swiss bank
Why India was unable to build weapon and tank

There were news and day's horoscope
And advertisement of a beauty soap

All were news and important talk
I turned my head to look at clock

It was just only two past midnight
I was wondering if world was alright

In couple of hours how much I aged
In news end of the world predicted

In the evening things were great
Even earth had kept its rotate
Though reporters were questioning its fate

I was terrified and ashamed
But no one was there to be blamed

So many things and I peacefully slumbered
Just in couple of hours my soul was murdered

Now things were not meant to accept
I was regretting why I had slept

(C) Rakesh Kumar Jan 2011

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