Friday, January 07, 2011

Life as Today

Lets examine how things in life arranged
How our life has progressed and changed

How much are we busy running life race
We don't have time to meet face to face

When was last time when we stopped and had a look
Though we spent daily our time on facebook

We don't have any time to share with  parent
Though we tweet about ourselves every moment

Many hours we spent time on mobile phone
Though at the end of day we are left  alone

We are scared and fighting to survive
Our life runs only on gadgets and device

This is so called our definition of being social
Sitting with some friends we open whisky bottle

Now we don't heed what mother tells
Only we give her occasional yell

We are confused with culture and tradition
We don't care how much our value system is broken

To cover long distance we have a car
But from our inner self we are very far

For others we don't have love and affection
Gadgets and materialistic stuff only gets our attraction

How we have destroyed our lovely nature
We are the most wildest creature

Though our living years has become long
But can we call ourselves as being strong

On our manners we never put any effort
But we have lot to spent on fancy dress and T-Shirt

We don't know now beauty of Sun and Sky
Television serials we have to feed our eye

When was the last we spoke sweet words
We don't remember early morning chirping of birds

We are only ourselves to cheat
This is the way our life gets daily treat

We have progressed and covered so much distance
But we have not been able to reach our self conscience

(C) Rakesh Kumar Jan. 2011

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