Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One More Try...

This poem I wrote to encourage all my colleagues who are dealing with some difficult time....

Nobody will know ever fully
And nobody will agree
How much you try to explain
What future for you contain
That you are sad and stressed
And how deeply you are depressed
If you feel like scream, scream
Its normal when you are not part of some one's scheme
Cry if you feel your eyes are dry
Its not only with you
Everyone has seen and gone through
Don't cut yourself and let blood flow
Use this moment to let yourself know
That how much you have grown
May be now life seem all messed
See all are smiling, beautifully dressed
Just it need your attention to shift
You too have got this wonderful gift
Called life...
And at home waits your beautiful wife
Life journey will not always be fair
But there are people who deeply care
Lift your face and looked into their eyes
Stand on your feet and give it one more try....
Don't think that you are done
Best things in your life are still waiting to come..

(C) Rakesh Kumar March 2011

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