Sunday, March 20, 2011

To my wife....

After many years of drought I finally got rain
And what precious gift I have gained
God became kind and an angel he threw
Precious was the moment when I met you
You have got heart of gold
With your behaviour everyone around is bowled
You got caring and sweet nature
God now don't create a person more better
By marrying you I am truly blessed
You are exactly the way i needed
With your presence everyone is deeply touched
Can't describe how much I feel loved
You made my life so beautiful
We have become such a lovely couple
New meaning to my life you gave
With words on my heart you engraved
The way you look at me I can't tell
You give me strength whenever I fell
Being with you bring fulfillment to my life
Words are little what I write about you my wife
This poem is incomplete without words I have to say
That I love you dear every moment and every day...

(C) Rakesh Kumar Mar 2011

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