Wednesday, March 09, 2011

To my office...

This poem I wrote for my office on recent developments where I spent some best moments of my professional life.
After all those years with you I spent
This way our end was not suppose to meant
Many late night sitting alone
Staying away from loved one and home
Those nights when you were left deserted
Staying with you alone i was not afraid
Early morning when you were silent
I sacrificed my sleep so pleasant
Moments we spent together
When things looked so better
Journey full of excitement and fun
Never thought so early this day would come
Remember those stress, tension and worries
Argument when no one seemed to agree
Going ahead challenges we found new
And the emotion we went through
While days and years went by
So many friends already said goodbye
Many times when i was tempted to leave
Thinking how it would be perceived
Now no one understand how I felt
When our separation of words spelt
That you would not be part of my life anymore
Being with you so much I adored
Feeling helpless hearing from someone
And so weak that I cant take even any action
Does any one cares how bad I feel abandoned
Without my wish life has been auctioned
This is not what I expected
The way I am looked  doubted
I never felt being so useless
Affected by many decision baseless
Lying numb I feel paralyzed
No courtesy and I don't want be advised
Though I loved and enjoyed working with you
But now its time to say final adieu
(C) Rakesh Kumar Mar 2010.

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Jay said...

Beautifully written. Touched the core of heart. Great work bhaiya ji.