Monday, March 04, 2013

Autobiography of a liar...

The path I choose is not by choice
The words I say is not my voice
The goals I aspire are not my desire
I am a liar, I am a liar, I am liar

The problem I share is not what I deal
I write many pages but it doesn't reveal
The way I look is not how I feel
Whatever I do it doesn't appeal
How much I cure my wound won't heal

My presence is not where I want to be
The argument I accept, I never agree
You cant imagine the weight I carry
Though I am unchained but never free

Many people to me are very near
And whom I consider very dear
Yet I walk surrounded by fears
And I keeps on cry without any tear
Thus I passed my life's years

My living is without any motive
Though I am fit, healthy and active
I don't have any thing to give
What to define my life and how I live
My living is waste never to forgive

© Rakesh Kumar March 2013

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