Friday, October 17, 2014


What to define and what to say
What cause anger has to represent
How to understand meaning behind it
Has it ever lead to any benefit 

During anger why we get mad
Does it results if someone is sad
What may be root its always bad

Anger comes in different ways 
Root of anger is a form of suppression
Which comes as an uncontrolled expression
Anger is not about getting violent
Its most powerful when it becomes silent

Sometime it result of unfulfilled expectation 
And it may be due to long time frustration
Or when patience rewards us a surprise
Anger is the one which only satisfies

Anger is not always what it seems
Its also a cause of broken dreams
It express a gap in reality and perception
Burst when person is unable to accept situation

Anger expressed may put you in danger
And you may not always get the right answer
Under its effect there is no right action
Consequence of anger is always destruction

(C) Rakesh Kumar Oct 2014

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