Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Duffer...

I am the only duffer
To whom life has nothing to offer
Whatever I try or many ways I cry
I cant pay the price and buy
What life has offer to sell
Once more, try once more, try
This the story what I use to tell
However now it all seems a lie
I had poured all my passion
But life has offered me none
I again tell myself, NO, I am not done
There is no fun if I have not won
Are my expectation are too high
Which is making me feel dry
One after another defeat
All of my life the same story I repeat
Is this the way life has decided to teach
Should I believe what I am doing is wrong
And these are not the lines of my song......

© Rakesh Kumar Jan 2015


Jai G said...

just nice.... keep sailing; the land is not far....

Rakesh Kumar said...

thanks Jai.. Pleasantly surprised to see your comment,Appreciate it as you are still visiting my blog.