Friday, April 10, 2015


At some where while living life
We forget to understand aim of life
Day by day confused and alone
Trying to face what life has thrown

Everywhere things looks gloomy
While WE try to survive in never ending sea
Feeling sad though surrounded by people dear
And Purpose of life appear no where

Day by day a void seems getting bigger
We keep on playing character of an actor
The character of play written by unknown
Life appears only living on a loan

While trying to forget we forgot to live
There is nothing more left for us to give
Fighting with thoughts that stuck to our mind
When was the last we appeared happy and fine?

Sure Darkness will fad way with sunshine
Yet miles to go when we reach goal line
We have strength for many things to cope
And there still remain a distant hope
That our spirit still has resolve
Any problem life offer us to solve

© Rakesh Kumar Apr 2015

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