Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Another Brick in the Wall

We are said that we are human, The most powerful and intelligent in all living creature but in reality we just a brick to be a part of a bigger wall and we have to fit in to it, or make ourselves to fit enough to be part of this wall. This is our ultimate fate and objective as of now. Is our life is worth living. Life is just wasted in living.
The ultimate irony of living a life like a brick that either u solve the purpose or finished. Since our childhood we are sub duded through pain and pressure to learn the rule to be fit enough in this wall. We never shine through whole of life what have we have shown or known. We have to full fill expectations of others or so called society and family at different stages. Will We ever be able to live our own life, by living a life of this kind we are just wasting it. We run here and there to please or meet others expectations, filling bitterness inside us. Its like fighting a fight that We can not win and that too for others I don't understand any purpose in that. Will we ever live our own life and feel as sense of freedom. With each passing day life is fading away and our dreams are drifting further away. Emptiness is filling inside everyone and darkness is growing inside us.

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