Friday, April 21, 2006

The Pain

i have chosen above title because whole world is infected with above. Everyone has experienced pain and suffering at their different stages of life. going though these words u will find that pain is basically a kind of experience that u had passed through at a certain stages of your life. while suffering is basically ur point of view towards a thing or object. it may be that while experience a pain u r enjoying ur moment and their is no suffering at all. while suffering is a kind of virtual reality which exist in effect but not in reality. major concern of humanity is now a days is suffering not pain. so why do people suffer and what is ultimate cause behind it. as i said it is basically our point of view towards some object that make u suffer e.g. u suffer in a certain situation or in a person company why a person suffer in same situation while others don't bcoz people have different point of view. root cause behind is our point view and as people have started becoming too ambitious and too unadjusting with them self they r becoming very rigid in changing their point of view toward that things which ultimate cause them to suffer this process goes on or u can say life keeps on giving u lesson unless u learn form them. which eventually occurs after we change our point of view thus end of suffering.

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