Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emotion vs Logic = Generation gap

Recently my parent visited my place after long time first time in 8 yrs. and this was first in those many years. I was able to spend so much time with them otherwise it was just hello, Hi on phone. During the course of their stay there was some heated discussion and different of opinion with me came. I never had such kind of discussion before that. Earlier I used to express my feeling but I never forced them to follow that and mostly it was ignored I didn't cared as it did not effected much to me. During the discussion I realized few things that our difference in argument was not because of my different way of thinking or bcoz of generation gap what people call now a days it difference of emotional and logical thinking. E.g. if my father says that choose occupation for your career he evaluates things based on his experience and facts. e.g. if he says stays near to your home town he means its easy to travel and even in 1-2 days leave I can go home or look for stability and money where I don’t need to work much, if he says to marry a particular goal he means this girls is best suited to my family he is well be caring and good in nature and belong to a good family and she will make a good pair and beautiful of course. All this conclusion is based on practical and logical facts considering the environment we are living. During all these analysis one important things is missing and ignored is that matter of my heart, my own emotions and feeling. Suppose I choose a company or job most of time my concern is about my interest if its able to meet my goal and about my dreams the things I want to do it has nothing to do with being close to home, money or work load or stability job etc. e.g. when I want to marry a particular girl it has nothing to do with his family background or social status or how much she cares or look or is she adjusting to my family or not, it has to do with a person for whom I feel, I want to spent time and for a person who understand my emotions and feelings. You don’t feel for every person in life always. Important things in life to understand your emotions and feeling which only a person himself can understand not any one else. That’s a reason that when ever I take some major decision I discuss with others to see other side of wall but I decides sitting alone understanding my own feelings. I don’t expect others to understand the way feel neither do I want them to blame if any thing goes wrong in future. The difference between youth and old will remain as long the difference between emotion and logical thinking remains. It’s different between heart and mind. Young one most of time follow theirs heart. While old one respect their experience and want to go by them. It’s very difficult to bridge this gap.....

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