Monday, June 16, 2008


This poem I wrote when i was trying to collect my memory figments for past few weeks on a Sunday morning. Its just a seq. of events I have put in few lines...

Floating in the figments of my imagination
i was fighting a battle to become champion

I was in the deserts where i saw a distant rose blossomed
i thought it as ray of hope in the stormed that loomed

My lonely journey to goal was distracted
She smiled at me and my heart reacted

I found a rose which used make day shine
I seeded a plant to see its yield

it started in the month of Jan
i tried my best what ever i can

I went to her as a human, like some one other
it was not in my intention to treat her as lover

i opened my self and never tried to pretend
i found heart racing and nerve bends

i talked little more but voice was soft
I wondered, was it a beginning of a new draft..

I ignored facts, didn't consider
Fake smile can be such a blunder

My way of life was astray
I was wandering looking for a ray

i was not having courage to be bold
but my feeling was not meant to be sold.

smile on her lips and disdain in her eyes
i was not meant to be treated in disguise

Now how can i run from myself i wonder
although i went through many rain and thunder

i was searching what this feeling stored for me?
she never tried to look and see..

Keep on looking world through troubled eye
She treated me like dirt but i won't cry

Perhaps she will get lost in the sea of faces
A journey left incomplete in life's hazes

Now my life seems different, brighter and whole
No purpose in slipping sand trying hard to hold

Its not my habit ask question why?
She will fade way from memory before she realize....

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