Thursday, April 02, 2009

The changing India

Things are changing so rapidly in India that even I am feeling outdated to 5 years younger people in terms of values, life style and thinking. Its too much to handle and cope with changing system in India even for a youngster like me. India is country where tradition is fighting for it survival or to coexist with modernity. I cant believe that 8 year back where a middle class family could not imagine having land line telephone, now a days I see 80% villagers using cell phone. India is country who is currently going through huge contradiction and paradoxes. At one place i am using laptop and other side one person in my village is cutting grass with a stone age tool for his daily survival.

Few facts i have noticed in my daily to daily life about changing faces of India where tradition and modernity are fighting or coexisting..

When I go home i use 'Neem stick' for brushing my teeth and at the same time every morning while chewing it I use my laptop for checking mail.

When I tell my father I develop software till few year back he used to ask how does it look like , shape and sizes and color and what m/c I uses. Also he used to think my office is a factory.

When first time in 2000 I used ATM at Connaught place New Delhi i required help. Once i was visiting with my 14 year old cousin and when he saw me pulling notes he ran away and told his parent standing outside that I was stealing money. 5 years later his 9 year younger brother knows how to use any mobile phone and send sms without any manual or know playing mobile game. Even he knows how to operate any digital device like remote control, ipod, camera etc with ease.

I don't remember when last time I visited bank for taking money.. During my school days my father used to scold me for not going bank and understanding its way of working.

My aunt still uses Amla Reetha and Black soil (kaali metti) to wash her hair but same time she uses multinational brand conditioner for good smell.

Half page rediff advertisement in times of india could not make any sense to me in 1997 and what does searching 10 million pages mean.

My uncle own 4 computer, 2 high end printer 1 scanner since last 12 years for business purpose and digital offset printing m/c. He travels on online ticket booked but he does not know how to send email and doesn't own email id. His 10 yrs old son has yahoo id.

If any one remember that in 2000 per sms charges were 6 rupees. the same amount i used to spent for a breakfast (puri sabzi) in Kanpur.

In 1998 when I met a head of a SBI branch for some work he believed computer virus were biological virus found in air and that was sole reason for keeping computers in AC chambers away from dust. Even few of my classmates also felt the same.

During my engineering days I used to write letter to my father. Generally i used to keep weekend free for this purpose and it used to take 4-5 hrs to write those 10 lines. Now a days i write 5-6 mail daily morning in 20 minute times addressed to bosses and friends.

In 2000 when I called a employer to confirm interview from local STD PCO booth from Kanpur to Delhi I already had main point written on paper to save money and 1.5 minute charge was 24 rupees. My father still finishes conversation in 2-3 minutes. He still thinks STD calls rates( 16 rupees per minute) are same what they used to be till 2001.

In my place we have society and all my uncles and father friends meet almost daily. I could not explain why social networking sites like orkut exists and what they mean.

No body is worried at my native place what is recession and inflation. They are more concern of potato prices and how they will put in cold storage.

In 1996 when I choose computer branch my uncle told it would bring unemployment. Few of my friends opted out to other branches from computer after joining engineering.

When first time one of my friend created a email he thought only he could check mail from same seat what he had used to create email account.

The most popular search engines during our college days was,

4 years in first job i didn't have Internet access in office and to troubleshoot problems we used to rely on MSDN cd, seniors or study book in the evening at room and it was shame if i found using them in office. Now a days I see candidate discussing proudly even in interview how they use Google for searching code or problem. They cant imagine job without Internet.

Initially in my first job i didn't have official email id for some time. NT pop up what we used to have as a messenger for gossiping to colleague sitting in next cubicle.

I still remember in my 7th standard general knowledge book salary of president of India mentioned 25k.

My mother still uses stone made Sheel Lorha (for grinding turmeric etc) and electric grinder in same kitchen side by side.

We used to think that movies on national channel DD1 could only be broadcast at least after 10 years of its release, now a days it hardly takes 3 month for a super hit movie to be telecast on a cable channel.

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