Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yes! I am lost in this big city
Looking for my identity I found few number for pity

Only identity I have are few number
Like on my monitor a sole blinking cursor

My House number, cubicle number
PAN number, Passport number
Account number, Landline number

And most important among these all
A mobile number which everyone uses to call

Every one uses this number to reach me
Some times to love, hate or teach me

They call me to know my where about
Or just to know how I am fading out

They become worried if it is silent
As my heart has stopped being vibrant

A stranger reaches me by this number
As I am the only left to be conquered

To sell his product, to know my interest
To help me what I need or only to mislead

But I am unable to find few moments to heed
To look inside me, to search what I need

Running this never ending race
I have only brought my self disgrace

I have left all fellow runner long behind
But finish line is still out of my sight

I never tried even once to look back
To judge if I am on the right track

Searching for identity the race has no end
Morning to night everyday whole life spend

I am not alone being part of this lonely crowd
Where every one is running to catch the cloud

Finally one day I get a identity
My life comes to end bluntly

In the news paper next morning
A bomb blast headline all were discussing

They count the number of people died
And I was not among those survived

Among those killed they count me a number
The destiny even once I could not alter

My Life ends but I get an identity
One more number assigned to my entity

copyright rakesh kumar april 2009

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