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Since long time 'Raka Dholakiya' wanted to have a tete-a-tete with me and wanted to know about my life. I was avoiding him but 2 days back he made me an offer i could not refused below is part of my conversation with him Dholakiya saab question were tough as you can see but i was able to answere them with best of my knwoledge.

Q: Who are you, tell me something about yourself

Ans: Chemically and physically I am a matter and you are also a matter but it doesn't matter. There are so many ans I may be human, son, Indian, Rakesh etc. I am nothing as well as everything at the same time.

Q: How to do you want to be known?

Ans: You don't even try to remember me, forget me as early as possible. Good for you.

Q: Any other thing about you?

Ans: If you remember my face it may not be good for you. It changes very frequently. You can use any word slang, for me you want e.g Rough,rude, insensitive, selfish blunt, socially unfit, bugger loser list is endless. all are well suited to me.

Q: Tell me something about your background?

Ans: There was no ground behind my back. I was born (not sure, my uncle used to tell that they picked me from train) and ruined at every step to every extent in all possible way you ever imagined.
Q: About your home and family etc?

Ans: I have parent, brother, Half of my life i have spent myself surrounded by 4 concrete walls alone, well not in prison. some time I had sketches on those walls..

Q: Tell me something about your childhood?

Ans: Twice I ran away from school in 2nd standard and once form home in cold December winter midnight without wearing Chappal. Railway station was not far away but icy cold road was too much to handle.

Q: So you came back what happened after that?

Ans: Wait yaar, you are running before me. I took shelter in temple.. and while shivering I got enlightenment.

Q: What enlightenment, what knowledge you got?

Ans That I love running... since then I am running...24X7 throughout year.

Q: Any other incident you noticed in childhood?

Ans: After getting failed in one exam my father rewarded me with 1 rupees coin, being pleased on my exceptional performance.

Q: So you went school, got educated?

Ans: Education didn't ruined me but it didn't make me either I ended being confused. Most of time i spent playing in ground and listening to teachers while sleeping. One of my school was too far to reach and other was too near where my father can hear what i am reading in class.

Q: What subject you like most?

Ans: PT. Physical training. because I used to get to run. and 6 year in my school I was winner in all the races I ran ,100, 200, 400, 800 mts.

Q: Any school politics, leadership

Ans: Once I refused to pay increased fees and confronted principal whole class was behind me. The principal said two lions cant live together in same jungle. next moment i became goat..

Q: Any sport you played?

Ans: I played hockey, Sorry lived hockey and it was my only love and passion I used to live and die for it. 8 hrs daily in ground my team was state level champion attended, nation level camp.. that time I never imagined I would live without this sport.

Q: Why didn't make career, why left playing?

Ans: In my 10th board exam I topped whole region from no where, shattering many hard working friends heart. Suddenly everyone ( not me) realized i was good at studies.

Q: So how did you went to graduation?

Ans: Longest running state transport bus from my place used to go Kanpur only 12 hrs overnight journey. so one day I took a bus landed up in the morning in Kanpur got admitted in engineering.
Disclaimer: This answer I gave in my first campus placement interview.

Other ans could be that I didnt sleep in this entrance exam...

Q: Tell something about Engg. life, must be interesting?

Ans: I was confused between Sleep and study. When every one studied I slept and when every one slept I studied.. most of time I was fighting when to sleep and when to study... (i had habit of study in morning) my eyes used to get read after (9:30 PM) thank that no body complained about ghost walking in corridor.

Q: Any girlfriend etc in college ?

Ans: yaar I went to B. Tech degree not for lovology degree. Any way the streets of heaven were too crowed with angels... For me mid-sem exam was easier then approaching to girl and lived in that comfort zone.

Q: Why did you choose computer science to study, any interest.

Ans: I didn't chose, I was not aware about abc of computer. During counseling counselor said 'mera magaz mat khaoo' Don't eat my brain... so.. i said give me computer. I heard it had got brain. Lets eat his brain... now I realized neither computer nor I have brain...

Q: Any way how was your experience when you started comp. sc. study?

Ans: Bro, Till end of first year I had never touched computer and seen computer only on railway reservation counter. and the first DOS command I ran was 'c:\chess' about a Chess game and my HOD threaten me to suspend for whole semester for playing game during lab period and till today I don't have any game on even my personal laptop...

Q: What you use to do in free time in engg days.

I used to counsel other on their personal life. e.g how to propose girl, how to write love letter besides collecting photocopies of my notes.

Q: Any extra carricular activities?

Ans: I played hockey football, cricket, wrote some play script, acted in them.

Q: Your favourite comic character?

Ans: Chacha Chaudhry, kyonki chacha chaudhary ka dimaag computer sey bhi tej chalta hai.

Q: How did you landed in corporate world, job

Ans : I was in Delhi .landed for interview. got the offer.

Q: Very simple?

Ans: What simple. they told that they will get back in week time so i went to institute to spoil my junior lives as my HOD thought I could be good faculty member so he offered me in final year itself. They called me for discussion.. While coming back from Delhi to Kanpur to train I realized I had to attend AIR Force SSB. I though 5 days would be good fun why to spoil others life through teaching..but when I landed at home my mother has the news.

Q: How was your job and professional life.

Ans: Actually I thought of quitting first day itself.

Q: Are you single?

Ans: I have many personality....there are many undiscovered side of me...if i am not single will you charge me for that.

Q: Have you ever been in love or fallen in love.

Ans: Falling is OK for me from any where for anything even form 6th floor of office building but sudden stop at end hurts.

Q: You ever liked someone or even feel like that?

Ans: I don't have hate for anything. I hardly accept anything. I believe in admiring things without owning them.

Q: I didn't get it, no i mean girl etc there are so many girl around you?

Ans: I never told anyone if liked except one blunder( yarron mainey panga le liya). Every minute I fall in love and but say I love you to myself only..OK, May be I like her but then if I have not told her about it. will not tell you either.

Q: What are you planning to do..

Ans: Nothing... all my earlier plan are in state of paralysis.

Q: You writes some time..any inspiration?

Ans: It since long.. earlier it as in Hindi and now in English. It confession of a confused mind.. if u are reading then its at your own risk.

Q: What you enjoy most currently?

Ans: Cooking..... I am joining a short term cource of chef, You should do something where you lose track of time. Again I don't guarantee if you eat my food u will enjoy it.. its not about Whether you enjoy eating, but its about my cooking which i enjoys

Q: Kind of quality you look in others?

I admire honesty. 'Nindak nieare raakhiye angaan kuti chwaye'...You should shelter in your house those who criticize s you... so just criticize me.

Q: Any bad habit do you drink or smoke etc?

Ans: Who is not addicted to this world from bhagwaan shankar to krishna.. We are living in virtual world which requires addiction, I am drinking 24 hrs everyday and living in smoke and addicted to all kind of weaknesses of this world which u ever imagined..

Q: What are you doing currently?

Ans: Nothing wasting my self and my life...

Q: Any other interest..

Ans: Music... I have few song recorded

Q: Any further study planning etc?

Ans: My ultimate aim is to study medicine,,,, before I die, I should get MMBS degree.. just in case doctor refuse to treat me. Any way I have already live long and people must be fed up with me if not MBBS, MBA may also work.

Q: Where do you see Ur self after 10 years?

Ans: May be growing tomato at my own farm..

Q: Tomato??

Ans: Han bhai... software nahi uga skata.( i cant grow software) This ground is no more fertile for software ...

Q: Any plan of marriage...

Ans: I want to remain happy...

Q: What are your weakness and strength?

Ans: what is my strength will become weakness one day and now my strength was my my weakness some time back.

Q: Do u believe in religion, god?

Ans: You cant tell me where to go , what to do. You just give me choices and explain me .. Organized religion is not my cup of tea.. I don't follow it but same time i don't avoid either..

Q: Any wish before you die?

Ans: On last day of my death i don't want to regret that I didn't utilize all of my talent that was given to me.

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