Saturday, April 04, 2009

'Gilli Danda' vs Golf

One of most widely played game in India is on the verge of extinction. Well i am not talking about cricket or hockey but i am talking about Gully Danda or Gilli Danda. This is the game which most of us have grown up playing. Well i am not talking about metros but in other cities and in villages its most popular game among kids and played almost every village, cities of India. Many people will say this is the game of poor but i would say it there are game which only rich can play but Gilli Danda is played by all whether rich or poor if you have access to local ground and are in touch with kids you must have played it. Now a days its hardly seen being played. While I was growing I had played lot of it. Only things needed to play this game is some bush's stick, Small portion of stick called gully and a small hole in the ground called 'Guppi'. You can play it alone enhancing your own skill or with anyone whom you either hate or love. My parent were most of time worried and many time advised not play because of fear that i would hurt my eyes as flying Gilli spins and when you are catching chances are you will misjudge it in air. Well there are fear with every sport you play why to blame Gilli Danda alone the worlds most cheapest game.

I have played many games and sports. I had encounter with golf in Delhi and also in Gurgaon where i used to stay close to Golf course. Golf is a game played by rich ones because of its cost of owning instrument not every one can afford it. This post is about similarity and perspective when I look both Golf as well Gilli Danda in current context.

Both game follow similar pattern you have a hole which has a important place in game. In Golf you have to put balls and in Gilli Danda you have to put Gilli.

You have Golf stick to hit Golf ball and here just a plane stick called 'Danda' or stick to hit Gilli.

You get constant no. of chances to hit and move the ball to hole the same way you do in Gilli although some variation exists.

The way you judge direction angle and stroke the same principle you apply in Gilii Danda also if you have played it seriously.

You measure distance in golf in term of par and in Gilli either by Danda or by your own step

There different kind of golf stick exists so does with Gilli danda.

You need a open space, land to play both game. although golf is now played in golf course this i see only as strategy to keep this game away from masses.

Golf is played by highly reach and elite class of people and Gilli Danda is played by extreme poorest lower class of people in society

There are few variants of Gilli Danda game and locally customized version exist.. in golf also local body have customised rule.

One different is that in Gilly Danda you option to catch Gilli in golf I don't see that may be this feature is derived from cricket.

To play golf you need be member of golf club and you need to plan things and time. Gilli Danda doesn't required any time any where with anybody you can play it. just find a stick around you.

The golf sticks are very costly but Gilli stick are free of cost.

You can get hurt by Gilli as well as golf ball.

I am sure those who had played Gilli Danda will cxcel in golf but vice versa is not true. and reason for Indian golfer doing well is Gilli Danda which is in our blood.

As compared to golf Gilli danda has been able to adapt itself in changing world and still its not control or govern by any organized body so there are only understood rules. So this game is still completely free and while playing you don't have burden of imposed rule and regulation. Gilli Danda is still in purest form and joy of playing a pure sport is different. Such things doesn't exist with golf.

There is no restriction on length of Danda or Gilli or Guppi depth or width, ground size and kind of ground, dress code. you can play it wearing nicker, Chappal or bear foot also.

Disclaimer I think to preserve this game and to protect this sport which is a part of our culture ( where is Shree Ram Sena) its moral responsibility of us to protect this game. We should create a governing body.. which should be name like GDCI.. Gilli Danda Council of India. If you have any better suggestion, any clarification or want to know more about this game mail me at also we need to fight to include this game in Asian games. if Kabbadi can go why not Gilli Danda.


Nirav Patel said...

Inaccurate. If you are good at gulli danda, you will be good at golf?? Not sure, if this is true.

Rakesh Kumar said...

It means that same technicality and skills u used/learnt while playing gill danda can be helpful while playing golf.