Sunday, July 19, 2009

An evening at Inner Harbor…

The apartment given to us is very close to inner harbor the historic port of Baltimore.. We happen to visit there and spent some time in the Friday evening . Baltimore has one of the busiest port on east coast and this port is of historic significance

So walked on there Friday evening the and we can see lot of tourist and people around us dressed in different attire. Closed to harbor there many more historic building and museum and Baltimore convention centre sensing the dress of the few people I guessed there must be cultural or art festival or some drama must be played. Any way we had walk though the harbor around 2-3 kms on far side of harbor our office is located and can see the light of tide point building. Around the harbor we can find many restaurant with both inside and outside view it great experience to seat in a restaurant sipping beer and view beautiful girls walking around… so we landed to a Irish restaurant Tir Nao Nong. We had some food and drink till midnight.. The few thing worth trying is Crab cake. After trying with various restaurant I realized that there different variety of crab cake one is appetitizer and other which a complete meal the appetiitizer suits to the Indian taste meal generally taste sweet as it serves with sauces and honey sometime which generally sweet in nature. We had few variety of beer and came back

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