Sunday, July 26, 2009

A trip to New york city..

Came back from Newyork city on Sunday evening. We went by bus in early Saturday morning and the journey was comfortable 3 and half hours journey.. Landed in the heart of Manhattan near times square building. We had walk around road this is amazing city you see lot of people around and feels like Mumbai in way. This city never sleeps. I could see big branded malls and shop and lot of big jewelry and fashion shop around lot of people walking on the road touching your shoulder. I went Madam Tussuad. It was proud feeling to see Indian Gandhi Ji and Amitabh Bacchan statue there. I had photo session with lot of Hollywood actors.
In the evening I went New york city Skyride and top of Empire state building. The view of New york city in the night was amazing. And on the top of building I could sense clouds floating around. I went biggest mall Macy what it claims to be full of all the fashion stuff, Jewelry and watches.
In the night I went to restaurant and bar and had Geilndfieck scotch which was excellent but the food that lady served was bullshit with no taste and I had a difficult time finishing half boiled chicken.
Next morning I went o Statue of Liberty we took metro train took a cruise ride probably first time for me to statue of Liberty and Elis island… we cam back and checked out from hotel Walcott did some shopping and had lunch with Indian restaurant took the bus and came back to Baltimore..

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