Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the land of opprtunities...

So finally landed in the land of opprtuinites... as people say USA. On friday evening...in my long career I had only one foreign trip this being second.. aI like visiting new places and I was kind of looking forward to visit this land. So due to my professional commitment this trip finally happened. after planning and rescheduling a number of times.. I finally got my ticket confirmed.
The early morning Bangalore flight landed at noon at Hithrow and after noon flight evening at BWI airport in evening time. Hithrow being the big airport with full of glamour The connecting flight to BWI started bit late however things were ok and beside lady at Bangalore airport had given separate seats for both of although I was travelling with a colleague..

Any way most of the time in flight i spent sleeping and drinking beside browsing on flight entertainment system. We landed on Baltimore airport around 7:30 local time We had already booked a cab and took a bus to Avis cab centre to collect the cab. We took the cab and had some problem in collecting the apartment key. which was located at some other location. And after 2 hours roaming with GPS to near by location we were able to locate exact address and and key. In this whole process we didn't not find any human being around and no one bother to ask any question what we were doing around mid night. We had been given automatic entry key for garage and parking entry. this time i had realize how this society is dependent on technolgies.

I got around 9 O' clock in the next morning. And decided to had a sneak of near by market and after 10 minutes walk my colleague realized that he had lost the car key. We came back and after hell lot of search on net we called locksmith after confirming with local Avis center at sherton hotel.. finally we got locksmith guy in our apartments and he took just 8-10 minute to get the new key prepared and for this he charged a whopping 363 dollars. I never had such costly walk in whole of my life. The whole day was wasted in fixing car key and that was enough for the fist day
Next morning we went DC we drove till Greenbelt and took metro to dc Smithsonian... we went National museum, White house and Lincoln memorial and and National Acqarium and other federal building near by. In the evening we went for dinner Indian restaurant and finally i had some good food after 3 days.. rest in next update....

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