Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Abandoned Girl Child

This poem I wrote on hearing news about abandoning girls child in our society...

Left as a orphan on the road
Again a girl child was abandoned
People thought she was of no worth
And her life could not be auctioned
Why she deserved this fate
Was it mistake so called her birth
We don’t do anything beside a debate
Wanted to play with dolls
She also deserved to be loved
A Mommy she wanted to call
Four walls where she could safely roam
She too wanted a lovely home
She also wanted to feel secure
And she had a heart innocent and pure
She was supposed to be a daughter
Wanted a brother, could be a sister
Above all a caring mother
But We have thrown her into a gutter
Treated her like a vulture
Shame on us as a society grown
We are not left with any good hormone
Are we left with any answer
Why her life is so cheaper
While dying on the road she moan
Asking why she had been left alone...

© Rakesh Kumar May 2012

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