Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peace O' Peace

O Peace' Where art thou
Is there a way to find you somehow
Searching you since years after
Passing of my life's unknown chapters
Are you residing in far away mountains
Or hiding in calmness of deep water
Without you my life seems frozen
May be you are roaming in dark nights
Preserving yourself to burst one day into a fight
Without you my life is ceased
Where are you my dear peace
Are you inside me or out side
Are you at the center or at the peripheral
Are you real or just a bubble
Are you at the top or at the bottom
Are you whole or just an atom
Come to me don’t be so cruel
Without you I am restless
Wandering all of my life aimless
Do you lacks because of anger
People say you come only in prayer
But even when I closed my eyes
I don't feel you inside
For you many hurdle I had crossed
But all my effort has gone for a toss
Come, Inside me there is so much chaos

© Rakesh Kumar May 2012

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