Saturday, May 05, 2012

Old Or Cold

I wonder if i am getting old
or getting cold
Watching silently and doing nothing
On seeing me dreams being sold

I don't know why
I am feeling so dry
Is it because of a new realization
That I am unable to take any action

Why I could not be more rational
Unable to see what is actual
Now I feel so weak and tried of my struggle
That there won't not be any my dream's castle
Now my life seem more mortal

Suddenly life seems so fragile
As i am watching a news of farmer suicide
That his land was no longer fertile
What has suddenly changed inside me
That i am not what I am suppose to be

Left with my own frustration and anger
Afraid and scared of coming danger
What is answer and whom to blame
I am pointed by only my own finger

Life is faded the more i aged
Feel like a bird i am caged
Not sure where i am headed
My beliefs is only cheated

Don't know what i have to say
Waiting for things to be okay
And i have only to pray
To return of golden old day

(C) Rakesh Kumar May 2012

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