Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009: A year of transformation...

I have dedicated the year 2009 as year of personal transformation. This year I will invest my time and resources to transform my self at each and every level.

I have already started in this direction and joined art of living course and also joined dance classes..

Few more things i will do is as below...
I will take each and every opportunities to socialize.
I will learn new skills.
I will take risk and bold steps in all the walks of life every day.
Learn to play some musical instrument
Learn dancing and singing.
I will enhance my technical skills to new levels.
I will take concrete steps and plan to meet my MBA goals.
I will be actively writing poems etc. ( some day I will write a book and make sure it get published it.)

Last but not least I will challenge and question each and everything in my life whether its my feelings, emotions, beliefs, thinking, actions, job, whatever I do, relationship, person and other things i am holding in life and will find out what menaing and value they hold for me in the life.

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