Sunday, January 04, 2009

3 Friends at Lunch

Three friends
Let me introduce them one by one..

KV- Working in HSBC bank, I met him once before in Bangalore, 30+ bachelor,
Gai Chand Murmu- 30 yrs bachelor with GF
Rakesh - Myself, 30 yrs, still bachelor
Place Urban Tadka, C mall, Mumbai

Let me give some background details we all are in age range of 30-32 and probably looking forward to get married in near future and also hunting for the same. On the last date of my mumbai trip (see my previous blog) we went for lunch so we met in C mall in mumbai Urban Tadka restaurant for lunch during the course of the conversation we had discussion about our to be spouses and our experiences in finding girls and kind for girls we encountered and kind of life partner we were looking for, our criteria and scale and parameter specific to each individual . As of now only Murmu has a GF and after this lunch he had to go for movie and I had to go to catch a flight for Bangalore. We all of three decided (with toast) that all of us meet to the same place next year i.e. at the end of 2009 with our spouses if we all get married.

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