Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All I want...

Is it too much to ask?
Does it seems to be a difficult task?
Day after day laying numb and cold
All I want is a hand to hold

Is It too late?
This is what written in my fate
How much harder should I try?
All I want is someone for die

Am I getting blind?
No one whom I call kind
Why world is full of pain
All I want is dance in rain

Am I fading fast?
Have I spent my prime past?
Should i call life unfair
All I want is someone to care

Am I difficult guy?
Is it time to say goodbye?
Any reason why I can't fly
All I want is to lost in her eyes

Am I growing old?
Unable to understand what is told
Is it a sign of a my end?
All I want is to become her friend

Is it too much of concern?
How long I will suffer burn?
Can I heal it any better?
All I want is to walk together

Do I lack any responsibility?
Why my hands are empty?
This what my ulimate test
All I want is a shoulder to rest

Is this a reason to be upset?
When there is evening sunset
Is there no more beauty and charm
All I want is to take her in my arms

Is it my so called greed
Why my prayer lack heed
So many thing in life I missed
All I want is someone to kiss

Is it my ultimate bane?
Why no one is to share my pain?
I need a perfect doctor
All I want is a life partner

© Rakesh Kumar July 2009

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