Saturday, July 31, 2010

Misguided Crowd...

Recently I saw couple of things that were misguided and completely out context. e.g. campaign run by media and social organization which involves public awareness, giving message to people and crowd. Now i am not going to reason whether they are going to be successful or not. They are still better then not doing however i have my own reservation about their effectiveness and how they are misguided and targeted to wrong people and place. even 1/10 of the same effort directed at right set of people would have eradicated the problem long back. Let look back some of thing done to fool public

  • Save Tiger: Save tiger run by various media  houses and agencies. NDTV is running this campaign by signing in malls, shopping complexes and displaying awareness ads in its channel. Now just think about the people who are  being targeted. People who watch NDTV 24X7, people who shop in the malls people who watch a English channel, people who resides in metros. Just think how many of people living in metros go and hunt tigers or they use or buy product made of tiger.  None! These people need not be be told about dwindling population of tigers. What difference its going to make to tigers, me grumbling while watching news about their decreasing population and sitting in bed room if i am not involve in any of the process either of saving or killing of tigers. Just a wishful thinking is going to save them right? Its different things that by by going to a shopping mall signing the campaign and wearing t-shirt I will feel different and satisfied by getting away of my responsibilities. The people who hunt them will be doing it right now in the remote area of west Bengal or any other tiger inhabitant. They are not watching NDTV for latest news, or shopping in any Metro city or malls. If these agencies are really committed to save tiger they should go to villages near tiger inhabitant or jungle and educate those people who hunt them, encroach them or kill them,   These agencies should fight for industrialization of forest area to preseve the forest. or they arrange money to equip forest rangers with latest equipment to fight with hunters. Tiger doesn't come in Bangalore or Delhi where Ineed to be aware about these things or my wishful thinking or signing campaign is not going to save them. Those who hunt them don't know how sign or write a word or watch NDTV for sure. they will continue doing so....
  • Organic food: This one of the biggest hype created and people are crazy about it. As per definition Organic food or vegetables means they are grown, processed and packaged using natural resources without using any chemical during whole food production cycle, no use of chemical food or pesticide. Lets see how far this is possible. and how organic word is misused. Let me go back to school days in10+2 when I studies organic and inorganic chemistry as subject. I as per definition  organic mean vital for life, means study of compound which were supposed to be vital for survival of human life or cells. Carbon(C) is found in every compound so its basically studies of compound based on carbon 'C' or contains C in structure while also consisting of other elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen etc found in abundance in environment. The thing to note down is the organic word is not environment friendly always. If you say that if you are using organic material there is no guarantee you are doing good for environment e.g. burning coal, full of carbon a organic compund or using petrol or diesel in car, a organic material and end result of them is also a organic compound CO2, now responsible for global warming. What do we mean by organic or bio fuel. The same existing fuel is still organic and bio, made form tree after decomposition over million years. Lets talk about organic food, vegetables here, Urea (NH2)2CO which is root of all fertilizer in whole world is a organic compound and its used as fertilizing agent in soil, either produce in factory or naturally.  Now if you are using Urea for farming you can also say its organically produced and material used to grow was organic material that's what every farmer has been doing currently. So what is new in organically produced food. All fertilizer uses urea for nitrogen synthesis and it has been done since ages. If you didn't use any chemical even urea in growing particular food then how did u produce them. The natural fertilizing capacity of soil will go in 3-4 round of cultivation and u need to supply it through some sort of fertilizer. So organic producer must be changing their farming land after every 3-4 years.  You cant grow 500gm of tomato or 300gm of big potato naturally without fertilizers everytime. All corps produced require fertilizers whether u use Urea or any bio fertilizer. You cant produce bio fertilizer in 1 week it has to go through natural decomposition cycle to produce same urea. The point is about synthesis of urea naturally or artificially.  The only benefit are not using Urea is the impact of factory on environment where Urea is synthesized or produced. How much??. Second thing is about using other chemical like pesticide etc which is hardly or only used  by farmers in India when there is seasonal disease or attack by insect. Now those who claim that they don't use any chemical how will deal with such situation? Must be putting insect net or putting sign board warning insect not come in field.   Also if you are not using any type of as fertilizer in your cultivation then you must be extremely poor farmer of India using old technique and you don't know anything about farming, suicide is only things left for you. All corps fruits produced are organic food since ages as there is no such things as Inorganic food, vegetables or cultivation. All food are organic chemically. Why to make noise about it. If we really want to help environment we need to start eating everything raw and naturally thus saving energy from cooking, preserving food or processing food.
  • Green technology: Now a days every new product claims to be developed using green technology. What it means when something is created using green technology. e.g.  so and so product are made by using green technology. so what is big deal about it. Basically Green technology means developing or producing something with use of minimum natural resources, produce using reusable, recycled inputs. I am not sure how its different as every waste or raw material is recycled an some what ways and consumed in way by a interlinked entity in the production chain some time the impact is more sometime impact is less. If some one says that this tube light is made using green technology what to understand? If a particular TV is made using Green technology i don't know what that means? Were tree, branches or grass were used  to made that bulb or TV. May be they are now using less input material or may be they are consuming less power, but thats realive term. May be they are recycled more, but then its part of evolution and advances, suddenly how things become green. If we have been able to develop a smarter chip with less space and less power consumption how suddenly it become a green technology. did not same process or input material were used may be bit less amount or different way. How things become environment friendly. Consuming less from nature only slows the depletion of resources. It doesn't make nature friendly. slapping someone 5 times instead of 10 times doesn't make make me friendly with that person. People say green technology is environment friendly and less toxic and less damage to environment, Good but till when.. unless someone comes with new research and finding and shows some new facts about damaging environment... past science advances are full of such example.. till then enjoy green technology. 

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