Sunday, July 04, 2010

This is a Sunday evening. I didn't do much whole day, went out for some time and came back. I thought of creating something new, something exciting write some new words with new meaning to things. I am trying since last half and hour and unable to do so. There is as strange feeling of incompleteness and feeling of lackness. so many things are coming and going inside my mind. Its very difficult to concentrate right now. Last couple of month have been a kind of roller coaster ride emotionally and day by day i realized i am becoming more insensitive to emotions. so many things to be done and I ended up doing nothing. I thin layer of stillness, disenchantment is covering me and its becoming thicker day by day. A sense of dying sensitiveness, a lack of spark which I can only feel. It may be just a small phase or just a thing in my mind but why?

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