Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nothing has changed today
We are only pretending being okay

Our mind is thinking like an old music player
Producing same old tunes and flavor

After years of knowledge and answering whys
We are standing clueless and surprised

We lack honesty and integrity
Our vision is dark and cloudy

Truth is still defeated
On the name of tradition
Blind faith is repeated

Door of hope is closed
Justice is strongly opposed

An old mother is crying
Corruption is rhyming

Night is full of darkness
Youth is walking on road aimless

Farmer is praying for rain
A daughter is put for bargain

People are thirsty for blood
Friendship is only a bluff

Path of lovers are bumpy
A child is still hungry

After years no lesson learnt
For dowry a girl is burnt

We are watching people dying
But no one is crying

We are fighting for a temple
As a human we forgot being humble

Our hands are still holding stone
This is how we have grown

We are unable to adjust
Life lacks more trust

Life is sum of only our cheating
Though We feel our heart is beating

Why are we calling ourselves civilized
On this planet we are just a creature disguised

(C) Rakesh Kumar Oct 2010

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