Thursday, October 07, 2010

Racing Horse

I am horse of a derby race
Only runs to save others face

Every one has put bids on me
Who is telling that I am free

At the end my life will be rubbish
I am here to fullfill other's wish

I am running to meet their expectation
Thats the way my destiny has been chosen

Burden of expectation I can't speak
Deep inside I am feeling very weak

Before I was born they put me for auction
Their expectation only defined my life's action

I am tired while running since ages
Turned my life into useless ashes

Always I have to do well
Thats what I have been told

Everyone wants me alwyas to win
It seems I have not got my own will

Few want protection, few want affection
What I want has never got any attention

Few want culture and few want tradition
Following their rule my soul has been beaten

What is there whom I called my own
When my life is only for paying their loan

Neither win or nor loss is mine
To repay the debt is task assigned

(c) Rakesh Kumar Oct. 2010

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