Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today I reveal my truest form
I always have friendship with storm

Don't want on my way wind cold and breezy
I suffer most when my paths are easy

A difficult hill excites me most
Tsunami waves are my only host

Even deep ocean cant bring inside me fear
Darkness and depth compels me to go near

A desert drives me only to walk
I find rest only in havoc

To get the sympathy is not my desire
I smile only when I touch the fire

Many times I defeated my destiny
I never asked for any one's courtesy

My blister are source to coolness
Thorns in my body gives calmness

Many times I have been fallen and thrown
I get flexibility by breaking my bone

My scars are nothing but pride
I considered them beautiful bride

I don't remember since when I am alone
Fighting the demons only I have grown

I always find myself in destruction
Where I take form of resurrection

Death is whom I often kiss
There I find most beautiful bliss

I get pleasure fighting cyclone
Obstacle are just another milestone

I prefer stone only to chew
Sympathy is what I always refuse

Battering only makes me better
They are my life's exciting chapter

I am always thirsty for my tears
How hard I try they never appear

My pains are just cheers to go ahead
I never listen what others had said

I am colorful when I bleed
That's the way I win and succeed

I never care about end of my breath
Life is only to facilitate my death

(C) Rakesh Kumar Oct 2010

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