Sunday, October 17, 2010


Welcome to the world of profession
You have come very far
Horizon was wide with money and fortune
World of excitement opened door ajar

Once you were too a shining star
On the course fought many battle and war
You dreamed and thought reaching high
You had passion and energy to fly

As times passed you sensed reality
You felt frustrated hopeless and angry
This is not for what you have came
Years after years you also learnt the game

People are looking to throw you on mat
Its races of rat and life of a cat
You were thinking of turning thing up and down
Slowly you found yourself in a world of clown

You tried to reach and win the crown
Fighting the battle you let your dreams down
Brunt your soul and passed your prime
Now you are just a victim without a crime

You are trapped and now want to scream
But you smile because you are part of a team
People smile when you walk in the door
You are just a means for them to score

Day and night you perform and work hard
End of the year you are unable to reach yard
They destroy your soul and call feedback
You need to be polite even in case of attack

A bit of improvement will do good to you
Fighting a battle you try to argue
Its hurt your pride but you keep inside
Surviving for living you avoid to collide

Always you walked on their written line
Though they were messing with your mind
This is not what you were aiming for
But this disease have got no cure

Now it doesn't mean anything to you
The way you have progressed and grew
Now you caught up with ageing
Tired of living a life faking

(c) Rakesh Kumar Oct 2010

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