Sunday, August 01, 2010

Your Beauty...

I must say
you are beautiful, why
To world you are not new
But I have a different view

There is no beginning and no end
When I look at sky
The same meaning I give to your eyes

I want to relax and lost forever
In a deep green forest
No place I find elsewhere
When I think about your hair

Brilliance of god
Where I bow impressed
No more meaning to express
The way I feel about your breast

I failed in ultimate test
Winning a gold medal in Olympic race
A most difficult case
I don't have word to describe your face

A long affair
Nothing left to compare
A final creation of Aztec
The same example I find in your neck.

My source to rejoice
The early morning chirping of birds
I ask no more choice
I find mesmerized when I hear your voice

My life is barren
Your beauty is source to sun
A reason to survive
I pray for your presence in my life
Against all the goods I have done
I compare you to none..

(C)Rakesh Kumar

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