Sunday, August 08, 2010


Sun was already out
When I got up this morning
Birds were singing
I found myself many things asking..

I asked
From sun warmth in behavior
From bird sweetness in voice

From the grass for greenery in life
From the wind  for openness in choice
From the ocean waves reason to rejoice

And I also asked from sky
Only till a blink of my eyes
Limitless, that if I could borrow

I asked from everyone
And everyone gave

That's the way I lived my life
And whole life I behaved.
This is all about my life
How I survived
Joy, sorrow, pain, warm
Completes my life's form

My life was always empty and hollow
Lived on only things that I borrowed

One day in dark cold night
A unknown voice asked me, polite

Hey, "You lived life with spark"
"Life for you has been hallmark"
"So affluent and rich.
You got a taste of niche."

Will You borrow me some of your love?
Doing so you will take you higher and above

"I promise, I will multiply the return"
"It will be the most profitable earn"

Love borrowed I never theorized
I was shocked and surprised

"The night without sleep"
"The pain, sadness, loneliness"
"Tears without weep"
"The words said, speechless"

"My life depends on it. Listen to my call.
Give me a portion small". She said it all

I am scared and silent
My words are absent
She is still waiting
But I have lost all my judgement

© Rakesh Kumar Aug 2010

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