Friday, August 13, 2010

The Question..

No, I am not your answer
I am a question of your life's chapter.
Which still need to be conquered
Whose answer you always assumed
Whom you ignored over time and time again
The question you many times tried to exhume

The question which you only created
Though its answer you always hated
By doing so always you burnt
Day by day and moment by moment

Sentence you formed and words you put
Behind clusters of many unknown root
You, the reason why it was born
Though many times you were warn

Now for answer, how harder you try
Bending on knees, you beg and cry
Many ways you try it to decipher
Or you run many miles it after
This is what ultimate fate could be
Never realized it could be deadly

How much satisfy with it you claim
Unable to find right answer you blame
Whether you shout or whisper
No one is there to get you answer

You are asker, You are Creator
Now its too late for you to alter
You gave me the shape, created statue
Like or dislike nothing left to argue
You gave height, width and eyes
Now its final whatever you apply

Either you put me in a choice of your place
Or throw me disdainfully in a corner
But you will not be able to erase
Whether you explore or close the door
Now I am forever totally yours
Farther you go, you will find me inside deeper
Whether you cut your past or future...

(c) Rakesh Kumar Aug 2010

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