Friday, August 06, 2010


This poem is a conversation between person with his manager, who is suppose to be fired from his job.

Once you have been brilliant
So you were hired
Now there is no work
And you have become a useless jerk
You need to be fired

 We are management who drive company
Our plan failed that's an agony
Someone need to be sacrificed
This is part of game
You are not the only one who cried

Company earning since quarters have been decimal
Though your performance has been exceptional
Take baggage and clear you desk
This is your final settlement cheque

Hard times were near you already knew
But this is time to say adieu
I did more whatever I could
Although I liked working with you

Please be in touch
Nohing more I can do as such
Some time we will join for a beer
Keep my number you are very dear
Be brave you will win many more frontier

(C) Rakesh Kumar aug 2010


Vanaja said...

Hi Rakesh, Amazing play on words! :) Liked the pun in the script.

Rakesh Kumar said...

thanks Vanaja..

abhi said...

Good one Rakesh.. Too good..