Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If we see and analyze the root cause of all the problem and conflict happening in the society we will find that there lies a 'FEAR' and its behind every problem. e.g. there are conflicts among different religious belief in this world. Why these people are fighting even though there are enough people and space for every religious practice to grow in this world and Neither do any religion teaches hate. Even though now religion is threatening to destroy the peace of this world why?? again the fear. the fear that some one come and puncture the balloon of our belief that we are holding in our heart. We have worked hard to make this balloon to grow now if we allow other belief to grow our own belief will be destroyed. So to avoid lets destroy other belief. similarly for any kind of problem in any relationship the root cause is again fear. Few fear we generally encounter is losing some one or fear that other will not meet our expectation etc or fear that some will hurt us, fear that we will lose trust, person etc. There are so many thing in other humans to enjoy even though if other person is completely different but we destroyes those enjoyment because of certain stupid 'fear' which only exist in our mind. Important thing to note about fear is that we cant fight with it and we must learn to live with it. the more we will fight more bigger it will become.

Few act of courage that we can follow in daily life to make our life more exciting is by asking simple questions

Do we have courage...

To Be ourselves
To Live with an Open Heart
To Live with Integrity
To Let Go
To Challenge our Beliefs/Stories
To Dream Bigger
To Persevere
To Speak Up
To Take Action
To Say No
To Take Responsibility
To Be a Leader

Lets think...................

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