Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dumb Charades...

Friday was Amit birthday (and my nephew B'day too) and his wife Garima had invited me for surprise b'day party she had arranged for him at her place I reached well on time but bit late in the evening. Other friends were also present with their wives. We played couple of game together like tambula and 'Dum Charades' and the night was full fun. I had hardly played dumb charades before that but to my surprise i was able do very well.

Few movie name given to me were...

Lawaaris, Anuranan--(the meaning of the word is resonance, Bengali) i had never heard about this movie and i was guessing it was not a Hindi movie and after googling i found its a Bengali movie.

And the most difficult movie was 'Happy Days'. I had really tough time explaining to my team members although i was able to do that. This is a some south Indian movie

Now i understand how movie these ladies watches. Few movie from my side were 'Manorama 6 feet under', 'Drohkaal' etc.

The dinner was excellent and I had great time there.

Last but not least Happy B'day to 'Amit' and my nephew.

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