Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moral Policing....

As soon as put my laptop bag and switch on TV( idiot box). It was a news channel and there was some news about Taliban, its rules and killing of journalist. I switched to some other channel there was news about moral policing incident happened few days back in Mangalore. I am wondering what is happening now days. Everyone is dictating others life. People know what other should do but they themselves don't know what they should do. Every other group/ organization is dictating what is correct and moral and what we should do, How should we live, how should we behave, what should i eat or wear, Where should I go, when should i party and how should I express luv. It seems to be difficult time for society and individuals too. There are different principles and way of living. Don't give me reason of preserving culture and heritage. No body can define history, culture and these group don't have authority to preserve that we as individual define our culture. During these kind of crisis its very difficult to decide which side is right and which side is wrong. We cant saying these moral policing group have all the bad people. They may have few good people. see not all people in Ravana or Kaurava side were bad. The important thing is to know the intention because of which these conflict are occurring. And this conflict is basically to decide what is justice. For me freedom is justice and bondage is injustice. These groups which are forcing all bullshit kind of bondage on us is on the side of injustice. The few good people present in these groups don't have clarity of thought and most of time they are confused people. Even in Mahabharata many character were confused. Even though Arjuna was fighting for justice in Mahabharata but he was confused, was not sure before final night of war and Krishna has to come for rescue. Similarly these people don't know what they are doing is going to serve the side of injustice and its natural. Its natural that these groups/people who are trying to put bondage on us and trying to decide our course of life will not say so directly and they will use world like protecting culture and morality and Indian society etc etc.
But this is issue of freedom and which of utmost important and most decisive issue to everyone. I need a society where human freedom can grow and blossom. I don't want a society which put human in so many restriction. Freedom is natural and everybody must have right to have it.
The other term which being misused now a days is equality. Equality is not a natural thing. Nature don't create things equally. they why are we trying to make everyone equal. Not every body can be equal. Every body should have freedom to be himself. Many people destroy freedom under cover of equality and once freedom is gone its very difficult to revive it because those who will destroy it will also destroy its chances for reviving in future too. once its gone its gone for forever. If there is freedom, inequality will be diminished. We cant say same that with freedom equality will come but if we force equality freedom will diminished... for me anything imposed on other's will is similar and close to slavery. This is also problem with current judicial system which trying to make every one equal and its failing. The current legal and judicial system is based on notation of equality that's why freedom is diminishing. Freedom is absolute..
When a free individual enters in a relationship society grows, because only a free mind can be creative. Remember we find better solution to problem only when we feel free and creative not when our boss is standing behind us or something is pressurising us. Can we have a society in prison? Have we ever heard of it. Individual freedom must be preserved for the growth of society and human and we should fight for it.

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