Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wrote it while i was left with few hours nothing do on this Friday evening.... The whole day was lost in clearing some mess created by others..

Running to reach on difficult hills high
I was not questioning if it was right

Path was deserted and walk was lonely
She was the one thing in my mind only

My Body was bruised with million thorn
Only my shadow was with me to mourn

With tears in eyes I wished her to be near
Only I had was sorrow, pain and fears

My end was near without any hope
I was walking on a broken tightrope

With dying breath and fading eyesight
I still had to walk many million miles

I won't regret why I had begun
For her I could swim across many ocean

I could feel scattering pieces of my heart
My life had become completely apart

My last wish was to see her smile
Just to say her final good bye.

(© Rakesh Kumar)

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