Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some times I wonder if..........

This poem I wrote to probe those small moment that occures in life and we ignore them..

Some times I wonder what life would have really been like

If I had not ever seen you...
If I had not found my seat shifted opposite to you.
If I had not met you in dance classes.
If I had known the reason why you draw my attention.
If I had spent few more evening conversation with you.
If I had dropped you when u had asked me to drop, though casually.
If I had ever asked you to go out.
If I had replied you honestly when you had asked meaning of those scrap.
If I had your number when we had planned to go party together.
If I had ever met you on outside office either by luck or by chance.
If I had not stopped my conversation with you.
If I had stopped you when you passed behind me on the footpath.
If I had known why I used to seek you around.
If you had not walked to me and said Hello.
If you had ever shared a bit of me you intention.
If you had ever joined me whenever I had invited on breakfast.
If you had ever replied to my scrap whom I wrote staying late in the night.
If you had ever tried to understand meaning behind them yourself.
If you had told me reason behind your behavour.
If you had ever taken my call.
If you had rever eplied to any one of my communication.

If you had ever joined me for tea whenever I invited.
If you had ever called me for any reason.
If you had known that I used to come early just to say hello.
If you had read the lines I wrote for you.
If you had known that I knew more than what had thought.
If you had ever told me that you disliked me....

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